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  • Nationalism

    Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Nationalism Nationalism is an ideology in political terms that define a strong identification of a given group of people with common national terms defining their political entity. It involves masquerades in the form of patriotism but in general is extremely intolerant. Individuals who practice nationalism display mixed emotional reactions. In one…

  • Chemistry Concentration Investigation 

    This investigation was conducted to see how changing the acid concentration affects the reaction rate between Potassium Iodide and Potassium Peroxydisulphate using a clock reaction. 2KI(aq) + K2S2O8(aq) � l2(aq) + 2K2SO4 (Reaction 1) (CLOCK PROCESS= l2(aq)+2Na2S2O3(aq) � Na2S2O6(aq) + 2NaI(aq)) Background When Potassium Iodide and Potassium Peroxydisulphate, the mixture turns to a blue/black colour….

  • I am going to measure the size of various leaves from various trees

    In order to achieve this goal, the use of a Quadrat would be useful. Throw the Quadrant in three different positions; record what species of plants and bugs were found in that certified area of the Quadrant; measure the plants (preferably 10 plants) and count the leaves on each plant’s branch. Prediction I predict that…

  • Technical Writing

    Technical Writing Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Technical Writing 1). Proposal To: XYZ company To: Manager From: Human Resource Date: Subject: Proposal to write a Bureaucracy Elimination Guide Introduction I am writing to propose writing a manual of procedures and instructions of eliminating bureaucracy within the organization to be followed by all the employee of…

  • Experiment to investigate the blind spot

    * I predict that the greater distance between the cross and the dot the further away it will disappear. I have made my hypothesis from the text book. * I intend to use a metre ruler, and a blind spot meter. * To make my test fair I am using the same metre ruler, the…

  • Free Speech on the Internet

    Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Free Speech on the Internet The internet has currently been recognized, as the easiest way of sending information beyond geographical areas since it knows no barriers. Currently, the world relies on the internet for growth more than any other information medium. In addition, the sharing of information across the globe is…

  • Ashland Oil Inc.: Trouble at Floreffe

    Ashland Oil Incorporated, the largest oil refiner in the country at the time of this case analysis, was faced with a great dilemma when one of the tanks constructed by the company itself, ruptured while being filled. On Saturday, January 2nd of 1988, employees of Ashland Oil were filling one of their tanks at the…

  • Data Analysis Coursework

    I am going to investigate the relationship between the velocity of a moving object, and the distance it travels down a ramp, using secondary data obtained by a class experiment. The apparatus was set up as shown above and illustrates a runaway vehicle down a hill. The light gate was placed at several points along…

  • National Gallery of Victoria

    The National Gallery of Victoria Name: Institution: Table of Contents Topic Page 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Operational Description 3 1.2 Opening Hours and Facilities 3 Classification of Attraction 3 1.3 Significance 4 1.4 Model 4 1.5 Research Questions 4 1.6 Hypothesis 4 2.1 Artwork in the National Gallery of Victoria 4 2.2 Cultural Tourism in…

  • The time-period of a simple pendulum

    The time-period of a simple pendulum : 1. Depends on Length of pendulum, L 2. Depends on Acceleration due to gravity, g 3. Does not depend on the mass of the bob 4. Does not depend on the amplitude of oscillations * The time-period of a simple pendulum is directly propotional to the square root…

  • Sophie Vernon 10a Friction Investigation physics Coursework

    My group Hannah, Keely and Jenny decided to do the experiment using different weights and then calculating its friction by the distance the weight travelled when flung from an elastic band. Was it a fair test? Yes. It was a fair test because all the other factors in the experiment stayed the same except for…

  • Team Leadership

    Team Leadership Name: Institution: Team Leadership To: The Manager From: Team Leader Subject: Team Leadership Date: 26 July 2013 Exploring new market segments requires a peer into the use of effective teamwork for the process. The challenge of entering a new market segment necessitates a restructuring of the management and organizational culture. One of these…

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nottingham University

    The following report is an experimental study of Boundary layer data obtained using hot-wire anemometry. In particular, the report presents and analyses mean velocity and turbulence intensity profiles as well as turbulence statistics. The aim is to discover the best methods of presenting and analysing data in order to determine and explain some of the…

  • Free Speech

    Name: Course: Institution: Date: Free Speech Free speech involves the liberty given to anyone in speaking without being constrained or limited by any authoritative body. The liberty given involves any activity of obtaining, acquiring and distributing information despite the medium being used. In reality, this concept of freedom is not qualified in any state (Shields,…

  • Volumetric Analysis of Ammonia in Household Cleaning Product

    Neutralisation refers to the process whereby an acid reacts with a base in stoichiometric proportions to each other to form a salt and water. In this experiment, the neutralisation reaction can be summarized by the following equation: HCl (aq) + NH4OH (aq) NH4Cl (aq) + H2O (l) In this prac, the primary standard is Na2CO3….

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